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A part of us is used to playing small. To this part, safety is more important than growth. And a vision is a roadmap to growth. The unlimited range of options we must draw upon scares us too. In becoming aware of this false belief, it will no longer limit us.

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We can call this mindset the state of mastery. You can listen to a sample of this program here. Or, try using the following exercises to prime yourself before you go through any of the discovery questions listed below.

To get in the right frame of mind, t he key is to find your center. You avoid extremes in either direction.

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Next, place your awareness on your heart. Gently smile inwardly at your heart. Breathe in and acknowledge your heart. Do this for three full breaths, still inhaling and exhaling calmly, smoothly, and quietly. Core Values : What are the five to ten things you stand by and value the most?

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Interests : What are five to ten things you enjoy doing the most? What elevates you? Areas of Focus : What are the major categories of your life that always need your attention? Strengths : What are you naturally good at? Take a free assessment to discover your strengths here. Dreams : If this was your last day on earth, what would you regret not doing, seeing, or creating?

Skills : What are three areas you strongly want to cultivate skills in that will in some way enrich your life experience? Profession : What are things you must do to feel fulfilled in your work? Block off time in advance to reflect on the questions above. They represent the raw material for your vision statement. Any vision is better than no vision. Whatever you create is not set in stone. It can evolve with you over time.

How To Write A Personal Mission Statement In 8 Steps

The goal of crafting your vision is to simply capture the things that are most important to you. Keep the words of late mythologist Joseph Campbell in mind:. But each incarnation, you might say, has a potentiality, and the mission of life is to live that potentiality. How do you do it? Take your time in crafting your vision. Return to the above questions repeatedly.

What Is A Personal Mission Statement?

It might take weeks, if not longer. Instead, allow the questions to percolate in your mind.

Personal Mission Statements Of 5 Famous CEOs (And Why You Should Write

Ask these questions before you go to sleep. Keep a pen and pad by your bedside. You need only allow them to come forward. From our last post , we learned that understanding what success really mean to us is the first step towards achieving it. It is important to identify our True Success so that we do not realize we climbed the wrong mountain only once we have reached the top.

Writing my own Personal Mission Statement has been a life-changing experience — it helped me gain a much clearer sense of my own identity and empowered me to discover my meaning in life. I am confident that you will reap the same rewards when you create yours.

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We challenge you to really think about these questions and write down your answers, as these values will be the cornerstone on which our Personal Mission Statement is based on. These will set the standard for us when it comes to decision making and a clear identification of these values will empower us with timeless strength to stay true to who we are and what we value. The end goal of writing a Personal Mission Statement is to identify who we want to be and what we want to do.

These principles are not subject to changes nor external circumstances; unlike our emotions, they do not react to anything.

My Mission Statement

They are fundamental, immovable truths that will not waver in the face of adversity, they provide you with great confidence knowing that they will always be unfailing and that you can always depend on them. With our principles clearly identified, we have the foundation to make decisions and take actions that are guided by our principles and aligned with our values.

Some may see that as stupidity, while others might admire his undying loyalty to this principle. This is the most important and most difficult part to write of all five sections. In fact, the entire Personal Mission Statement takes much deep thinking and profound reflection to craft. This section outlines our values — these include characteristics and qualities we value in ourselves and our close ones, tangible or intangible assets and experiences we value highly in life.

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  • Our values are not absolute like our principles, but they are important as they act as a compass on which our behaviour and emotion is based. The important distinction between Value and Character is that values are qualities that we deem important in both ourselves and our friends and family, whereas characters are just attributes that we demand of ourselves. For example, a girl who values her own time would value punctuality. To help construct this section, we will first identify and break down the different roles we play in our lives.

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    For example, I may have a role as a family member, a friend, a businessman, an entrepreneur and a leader. You may be a student, or a professional, or a mother; we suggest you identify the most important roles you have now and write them down. Once you have written them down, think about what are the values that should guide you in that role, what kind of person should you be in that role?

    An excellent format to use is:.