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Through out the history of America, there were many compromises made as a desperate attempt to make both groups of people of either side happy as much as they could.

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In this case, the United States tried to avoid war with a series of political compromises in an attempt to reduce sectional tensions between the North and South, which proved to be ineffective. In a time of quarreling over concerns in politics, a productive way to end a conflict was to just create a compromise.

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However, by the year , those sectional tensions were too strong for any sort of settlements to occur. Some compromises, such as the Missouri Compromise, and the Clay's Compromise Tariff was effective in the first place, but eventually failed.

Two compromises, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and the Compromise of immediately ended in failure. In the beginning, the Missouri Compromise was actually weakening any difficult situations between the sections. The Compromise of stopped the crisis between the North and the South. Also, some politicians, such as Henry Clay thought that a civil war would occur if the compromise did not take any effect.

The Compromise Tariff and Missouri Compromise was only a kind of temporary relief and only slowed down the occurrence of a civil war. The compromises merely worked, and with the passing of time, This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. Got it! Learn more.

The Missouri Compromise (1820)

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Read more. This was called the Missouri compromise. During the late year of , Missouri wanted to be recognized as a state. This however scared the north as they wanted to be a slave state.

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Missouri becoming a slave state would have disrupted the balance and caused the number of slaves state to be higher than that of the free states. The north feared this because that meant that slaves states would be dominant over free. Missouri Compromise Essay words - 5 pages Slavery was a big controversy during the eighteen hundreds in the union. There were always constant disagreements regarding number of free and slave states, popular sovereignty, and the basic rights given to the slaves, if any.

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One controversial topic was the Missouri Compromise. Congressional Documents and Debates, - Missouri Compromise, The preceding map comprehends all what is usually called the "Louisiana purchase" by Thomas Jefferson Mathew Carey. Missouri territory formerly Louisiana.

Missouri Compromise

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