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Annual survey of the e-commerce sector in India covering online ticketing, e-tail, online travel aggregation and other s.. Annual survey of internet penetration, demographic profiling, usage patterns, etc in Urban India. Annual survey of internet penetration, demographic profiling, usage patterns, etc in rural India.

A vision document on the present state of digital payments and the roadmap to a cashless economy in India. Annual survey of internet penetration, demographic profiling, usage patterns, etc in Rural India. A periodic survey on local language content content providers and demographic profiles of users in India. Annual survey of internet penetration, demographic profiling, usage patterns, etc in Urban and Rural India.

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A study on the impact of social media platforms in generating public opinion for the Lok Sabha elections in India. An annual study to rank the internet readiness of all Indian states based on the parameters of e-infrastructure, e-gover.. Annual survey of online payment options, PPI, gateways, debit and credit cards, usage profile, user demographics etc.

A vision document on the future of mobile internet usage and the evolution of the app ecosystem in India. Although the number of searches that include both your industry and your town or city is undoubtedly lower than those that just specify a product or business type, those searches tend to generate much more qualified traffic.

Every business owner wants to see numbers rise in terms of visitors to their site and landing pages. Not every visitor to your site is going to make a purchase. By targeting your marketing to specific personas and aiming to attract specific, qualified people, you can increase the ROI of your marketing efforts—as well as your bottom line. The way you publicly respond to customer complaints will show them and all other current and potential customers how much you care about their opinions.

But as intimidating as that may sound, all it takes is a bit of respect and concern for your customer base. Every industry has a few well-known individuals or companies that others look to as thought leaders. They stay at the forefront of new technologies and ideas, and are often the first to share new information. Unfortunately, every industry only has a particular amount of room at the top.


The people who become experts and influencers are those who strategically position themselves to give out great advice and information, often without much obvious monetary gain. For instance, an influential company might write and share blog posts and articles on a regular basis. Their CEO and other top employees might keep their LinkedIn and other social profiles up to date and share them as well. The company might offer free webinars on up-and-coming industry news.

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All of these efforts combined can position them as an expert not only in the eyes of other industry professionals, but also in the eyes of potential clients. That being said, without a dedicated Internet marketing team, it can be difficult. Our talented team of Internet marketers is more than happy to help you achieve all of your online goals. Blockchain-Based Transformation See how blockchain technology is evolving and how and where it offers organizations better value. Most Hyped Tech Trends Everything a strategist needs to know about artificial intelligence, blockchain and intelligent things.

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