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Submit payment details. Choose your favorite among the safest payment options. Paradigm In this writing, the meaning of "paradigm" is adopted from the usage by Thomas Kuhn In Kuhn's view, a paradigm is a set of metaphysical beliefs and underlying assumptions that make up a theoretical framework. In other words, a paradigm establishes the "boundary of the playground" and "rules of the game" for researchers in the discipline. The proposed structural framework endorses a paradigm that emphasizes input-process-output of human learning inspired by cognitive psychology.

This paradigm challenges the input-output emphasis under a "black-box" approach. Under a "black box" approach, an input, which is usually a treatment, is delivered to the intended audience. Afterwards, the output, which is usually an observable outcome, is evaluated and the effectiveness of the treatment is inferred.

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This input-output approach leaves many important questions unanswered such as "What are the properties of the instructional media? This "black box" approach could be traced back to Behaviorism and classic learning theory, in which the learner or the subject is treated as a black box. In Behaviorism, only stimulus input and responses output are emphasized for controlling behaviors.

In this system the details of underlying structure, mechanism, and dynamics are either unknown or regarded as unimportant Fontana, With the increasing popularity of cognitive psychology, questions about human mental structure and process are being addressed. For instance, "How is knowledge represented? In the context of Web-based instruction, questions about relationships between instructional media and learning processes should be raised. For example, "How does hyperlinking enhance connectivity of human schema?

How does asynchronous collaboration on the Internet improve intrinsic motivation?

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Approaching from two dimensions Under the input-process-output structural framework, the procedures of evaluating WBI could be viewed in two dimensions. The first dimension is the level of abstraction. As shown in Figure 1, approaching the research from the abstract layer to the specific layer can be visualized as a vertical process:. The second dimension is the input-process-output stream. As seen in Figure 1, this streaming can be viewed as a horizontal process:.

Media properties Different instructional designers may have different implementations of Web-based instruction. Inexperienced evaluators may ask an excessively board question such as "Can Web-based instruction enhance learning? Rather than assessing the overall WBI program, the evaluation should focus on those specific properties. Typical examples of WBI's properties are:. Different use of those resources may contribute to different learning processes and outcomes.

There are two ways to define variables and to develop instruments for the above media properties. The first way is to create another version of treatment without these media properties and randomly assign users to this control group. In this fashion, group membership is a variable. For that possible completing the research, el born area will advice the readers the way the existing computer works and just how the proponent can further improve it. With this, an entire input — Process — Output diagram continues to be organized.

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